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Dear Valued Client

My thoughts and best wishes are with the many people dealing with the direct effects of the COVID-19 virus and also with those experiencing the very real indirect impact to their businesses, employees and families.

In order to protect my clients and comply with the “Stop the Spread” directive by the government I have decided to indefinitely stop all on-site visits to clients from Tuesday 24th March 2020. I will be contacting all clients individually to make arrangements to work remotely.

I have not taken this course of action lightly and of primary concern to me is that I do not want to be responsible for inadvertently causing a 14 day shutdown of a business because I have been found to be at risk from a visit to another site.

I have prepared some resources which I hope will help you to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic fall-out.

COVID-19 Employee Action Plan

If you need a company policy for COVID-19, the COVID-19 Employee Action Plan template may be of use, as a starting point. Each business is very different and requires specific instructions, so you should seek qualified HR advice to ensure your policy is effective. If you need an industry specific template your industry association may be able to supply one.

Covid-19 Employee Action Plan

Download your COVID-19 Employee Action Plan Template.

Fair Work have issued a Fact Sheet which provides guidance about employee leave under a number of COVID-19 circumstances. I would recommend that you take a look. If you have any queries I’m here to help.

COVID-19 Business Action Plan

At OptimizeAg and OptimizeWine we are dedicated to supporting our clients through the COVID-19 Pandemic. We understand that small business doesn’t always have internal finance skills and we’re here to help.

We have developed a COVID-19 Business Action Plan which steps out the tasks that should be thought about when compiling an action plan for your business to survive the pandemic. It won’t be conclusive, things are changing every day, but it’s a good place to start.

Covid-19 Business Action Plan

Download your COVID-19 Business Action Plan Template.

Optimize Your Cash Flow Planning

COVID-19 will impact the cash flow of every business. For some it will be catastrophic, and for others, good cash flow planning will help them to survive. We can’t stress how important we think cash flow planning is at this time and we have developed the FREE Optimize Your Cash Flow Planning template to help small family owned wineries do this at a high level. If you need this customised for a different industry, please email

Optimize Your Cash Flow Planning

Download your Optimize Your Cash Flow Planning Template.

COVID-19 Online Resources

HR Options for employee queries

I hope this information helps in some small way to navigate the uncertain path ahead of us. 

Best wishes,
Lisa Saunders

Covid-19 Business Action Plan

Download your COVID-19 Business Action Plan Template.


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